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    Hi all,

    Have a Verizon Treo 650 and a Jabra BT-250v headset. It's always worked well for me...up til this weekend, that is. I installed ZLauncher 5.31 and Ringo Pro 4.39 this weekend as well as several skins (I also installed and removed LauncherX for comparison). My first install of ZLauncher did not go well (phone rebooted every time I hit the home key) and I had to hard-reset the phone. Everything is back and fine now, however, my bluetooth headset no longer works. Several times I have been asked by the Treo for the bluetooth code and have entered it in, but it never recognizes the device, and if I try to search for it using the Treo, the phone doesn't find anything.

    Are there any compatibility issues with ZLauncher and Bluetooth that I should know about? I like ZLauncher (and just got it configured how I want) but I'm not willing to use it if it could be causing my problems. Same with Ringo Pro. Any help would be appreciated.
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    EDIT: I think I have it figured out now. It appears to have been an issue with the hard reset. Thanks for humoring someone who has had a long morning. Mods, you can lock or delete the thread.
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