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    I know that a hard reset will erase everything. However, the only thing I want to delete are all the records in my contact list. Is this possible without deleting hundreds of records one by one?
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    I take it you don't want to delete them from Outlook or palm desktop. You could backup your contacts in Outlook to a .pst file. Delete all of them, sync and it should delete them from your Treo. Then restore to Outlook from the backup.
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    Thank you for that quick reply. Your are correct, I do not want to delete these records from my desktop. I just purchased a Treo 650. My wife is going to take my old 600. I need all the files intact on my desktop so I can load up the new 650. However, my wife wants to start a new set of records on the 600 so I want to clean out everything that is there now but leave everything else on the phone intact.
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    What about "Desktop Overwrites Handheld" in the Hotsync options for the Calendar?
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    I just figured out how to do this.

    1 - Hot synch the new 650 and verify everything transfered
    2 - Do a hard reset on the 600 deleting everything
    3 - Hot synch the 600 but uncheck the contact list on the desktop

    I will find out if this works when my new 650 arrives tomorrow.
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    DO NOT SYNC YOUR NEW 650 directly to your old 600 userid. You will create a brick.

    Follow the upgrade instructions on the Palm web site or some of the methods listed here:

    Cheers, Perry.

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