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    I am a brand new Treo 650 owner and quickly learned that the volume is absolutely horrible. I live in Florida where the weather is conducive to having the top down most of the time in my convertible and it is almost impossible to hear anything on the phone when driving. I am leaving on a road trip soon and do not have time to thoroughly research my options. I know there are headsets and things that utilize the blue tooth feature and would like to know if that would do the trick. I also hear there are ways to interface the incoming cell phone audio to compatible car stereos. I am really lost here so I was hoping for some quick advice (I know I could search these forums, but am afraid I would get information overload and time is working against me). Thanks a ton in advance.
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    You know the obvious answer to this, yes? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Well u could close the top ?

    (or read the post labeled "Phone volume can go beyond 100% now!" - check the recomended readin sticky)
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    if u got money, may I suggest WIRED Nextlink Invisio headset. Try google . If you must use bluetooth logitech mobile pro bluetooth headset will keep other party happy but you wont be able to listen anything.
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    Fellow convertable owner here. There's a third party application called VolumeCare that will raise the volume of the little speaker to PAINFULLY loud levels, if that's what you really want. It is well worth the $10 fee. Google for a link.

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    VolumeCare looks like it will do the trick. Just downloaded and itstalled it. Will road test tonight. Seems a lot louder already. Thanks!
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    Well? Tell us what you think?

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    I drive a convertible, and I'm a big fan of the Sure Quietspot Boom. It's got a noise-cancelling microphone so things sound good for the person you're talking to and the earphone comes with both foam and silicone ear cushions. I like the silicone, which blocks out wind noise in your ear really well, so you can hear the other person.

    Even with the top down and windows open on the freeway, I've talked to people who didn't believe I was in the car becuase it sounded so good.

    It runs around $70 retail, but I got mine off ebay for around $30.


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