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    The 650 is the hot new phone to have at my firm. In the last 2 weeks probably 8 people got new Treos. Even 2 guys with 600's recently upgraded to 650's. It's become the "must have" phone.

    My friend got a Verizon 650 when his Moto StarTac finally kicked the bucket. I'd say Cingular is the most popular carrier among the firm's 650 users but he wanted to stick with Verizon as they have been good to him and he saw no reason to shake things up. So this weekend he was showing off his new Treo 650 to his brother, and they were ooh-ing and aah-ing over all the features. He's toatlly enthrawled with the thing, but his absolute favorite feature is the text messaging with the qwerty keyboard. He sends a fast text message to his brother's cell phone, and his brother replys, but his brother's message never arrived. Fast forward to today, and he has me send him a text from my 650 (T-Mobile). Nothing arrives, but according to my phone the message went through. He sent me a text and I got it right away. When I replied to that message my phone definitely sent it, but it never arrived on his phone. He can send but not receive. I recall some wonkiness about Verizon and text messages from other carriers causing problems a while back, but I thought it was all straightened out. Is this a Verizon network issue? I would thing that since he can send messages without problems then he definitely has this service enabled. But where are his incoming messages going?
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    Here are a couple of things to try:

    1. Go to and send your friend a message. This is an all vzw path thus eliminating the other carriers from the equation.

    2. have him go to and register - possibly setting up a nickname.

    Hope this helps.

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    Like with so many problems, the simplest solution is usually the one that works. A hard reset did the trick. Took Verizon tech support 45 minutes to suggest it, and only after trying multiple esoteric solutions. I had made the mistake of assuming (don't we all know about making assumptions!) that he would have already tried this himself early on. He's not nearly as tech-savvy as I had thought. Like the dyslexic Rabbi said, "Yo!"

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