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    Quote Originally Posted by diomedes
    I get this fairly frequently. Card not detected by any apps. PowerRUN apps not working. Eventually comes back.
    Update: removed a few 3rd party apps. Haven't seen this issue recur since.
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    FYI, this is what the Palm site says about SD Cards for the Treo650. More details at the link below the quotes. Just bought a Toshiba 1Gb SD Card, and I'm chicken to try it in my new Treo650, after reading the story below. Has anyone had a problem with the Toshiba 1Gb SD Card??

    "It has come to our attention that some SD-style cards currently on the market do not comply with SD specifications as defined by the SD Card Association. Basically, these non-compliant cards are PCBs that have been painted and stickered. They may or may not say "Secure Digital" or have the SD logo (i.e. they may be labeled the same as compliant SD cards).

    These cards can permanently damage the SD expansion slot on many devices, including Palm and Handspring-branded devices.

    Unfortunately, this is not an issue that Palm can remedy. We designed our devices to work with cards that comply with the SD specification; non-compliant cards should not be used with your device."

    more details for this at:,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(28365),ts=Palm_External2001
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    The palm provided 128Mb SD card was causing the same unmount issue in my GSM T650.

    Once I got a Sandisk Ultra II SD Card and kept having the same problem, I contacted Palm, and they replaced the Palm.

    I've had no such problems with the replacement device.

    It definitely sounds like a hardware issue with some quantity of the 650s.
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    I've had this problem and I finally narrowed down the culprits on my treo. I have an unbranded 650 running 1.13ROW

    Previously, After a reboot it would not recognize the card, and if I rebooted again it would.

    My treo stopped recognizing the SD Card completely yesterday after installing some updated apps. If I did a hard reset, it would see the card no problem, but as soon as I restored my apps it wouldn't recognize the card again.

    I did a app by app install with reboots with no issue until I got to the last app, Verichat 2.86b. Now that seemed odd as I've been running verichat for a while and it shouldn't have anything to do with the card. So I went back and looked at the apps I had installed yesterday and removed them (New Shadowplan and new butler). Rebooted, and the treo recognized my card no problems. Rebooted a couple more times and no issues. Reinstalled Shadow, no issues after 3 reboots, reinstalled Butler3.22 and no access to the card.

    Now the odd thing is, before I installed verichat, I didn't have any issues either.

    So at least for me, a combination of Butler and Verichat completly hoses my access to my SD Card

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    I have read the previous threads and I'm not certain if its been concluded that this is a Treo or SD defect. I have a Patriot 60x 1 gb SD card. The card works very well with Ptunes or using Mvoice, a program which hasn't done well in the past with slower cards.
    About once daily, I will get a card unmount which is often precipitated by a gentle knock on the antenna. Well, the problem also occasionally occurs spontaneously and unpredictably.
    You see, I've been using Cradle Care to detect card unmounts and the program is working too well. In the past week, I have been wakened on 2 occasions by the Cradle Care unmount alarm. No physical taps, knocks, jolts, etc and I'm ready to thrown the thing against the wall. Since I awaken to Butler MP3's from my card, I guess I'd like a warning that my MP3 won't play; better yet, I'd like the Treo and card to work together well and only get awakened when I desire.
    So my question to you knowledgable ones. Is it worthwhile to seek a replacement from Verizon or will they blow me off claiming this is a 3rd party (read card) issue?
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    I've been having similar problems with my Sprint Treo 600 and Lexar 1 GB card. The card has been seemingly flawless until about two weeks ago when I started getting the beep notifying me the card has been unmounted. I have CardKeeper so my phone will continue to beep and vibrate (and attempt re-mounting, and even soft-reset in attempt to remount). Didn't have this problem with my 256mb SD card but not certain if its the card or simply my phone is getting old and the connections between the phone and card are not clean. Lastly, my 1GB card has about 55% of its space left. How much room do you have left on your 1GB card phillydog?
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    Interestingly, my Cradle Care alarm went off at 11:45 last PM. I think it was a similar (?exact) time the previous night. Now I'm wondering if something triggered this. I have BackupMan set to backup 15 mins later at midnight. I still have about 400MB of storage left.
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    I found an older card Lexar 32x 512mb. When you put either card in the slot, there is a little bit of play if you move the card from side to side. This will frequently cause the card to unmount without actually ejecting. I think that some of this can be explained by the flimsy Treo build as it often happens with routine pocket jostling during the day.
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    I just bought a $20 stick from Lexar that did not work...
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    I have noticed that when I install RadioControl, the SD card doesn't show up immedately after a reboot. If I turn off the screen and then turn it back on again, the SD card shows up. This problem doesn't seem to happen for me unless i have RadioControl on the phone...

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    Jus a question, many of you use ZLauncher?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRG
    Jus a question, many of you use ZLauncher?

    I user zlauncher and verichat fyi. Luckily though, my mounting problems seem to have gone away for now. Why, I have no ieea...
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    Well the problem with unmounting became very bad in the previous week. It would literally cause the network connection to disconnect and reset constantly. My SD card had a slight crack in it and I wasn't sure if that was the culprit. Verizon replaced the phone and no unmounts for 48 hours. Unfortunately, based on what I've been reading this seems to be a wear and tear design flaw in the 600.
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    Thought it would be more useful if we had one thread on this supbject! TX!
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    Well, I've now had the replacement for 4 days with the same cards. No unmounts. So, if it repeatedly occurs, either invoke your Treo warranty or replacement plan.
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    I use zlauncher, I noticed this is happening. Then again, I also use butler and verichat.

    Edit: I can hard reset and it sees the card fine.
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    This happens to me with my 650, but it unmounts and then instantly mounts again, making my device think the cards been reinsterted, so it turns on. This sometimes happens a few times within a couple minutes, but sometimes just a few times a day. I think it's killing my battery life - anything I can do to help this? Will Verizon/Palm replace my Treo even if I bought it on ebay and it has no warranty, because of this issue? Thanks! It's driving me insane!
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