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    Wanted to get some opinions on how using a BT headset operates with TomTom 5. I used to have problems with my BT-338 staying connected to my Treo, and in talking with TomTom support, they recommended deleting all other BT pairings. Needless to say, it fixed the problem, but I can't imagine that there aren't people out there with BT headsets using TT5 without issues.

    The rep basically said that the bluetooth radio periodically scans for other devices paired to the phone to see if a connection should be made. During this time, any current connections would be dropped.

    On a side note, what happens when a call comes in and the Treo is connected to TT and the GPS? Does the connection to the GPS drop and the headset takes over until the call is ended? How do you handle outgoing calls?

    Thanks in advance...
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    There are threads that discuss this already so do a search for a detailed answer. However, it boils down to the Treo's bluetooth implementation. When a call comes in, control will go over to the headset if it is in range. Some people have reported having to do a soft reset in order to reconnect to the GPS. If you want to use a headset, you really need a serial GPS because the Treo can only handle one of the two devices properly.

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    I don't think I have ever lost my pairing with my Delorme BlueLogger GPS. I also use the Jabra BT250. I can use it when using the GPS, but it's a little ackward. If a call comes in I have to answer it by tapping the Answer button on the phone. I can then click the button on the headset and the call will redirect to the BT headset. I have not had any pairing issues with either of these devices and TomTom5.

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