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    I'm having problem getting Xiino to work. I have an unlocked Cingular Treo. I'm using T-mobile T-zones.

    I can connect to t-zones. However when I try to access any website i get "Connection timed out. Please try again later. If this message repeadtedly appears, please disconnect PPP and then reconnect."

    Please if anyone knows how to fix this let me know.

    Thanks for your time
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    Hey bhsu,
    With T-Zones, the web port 80 is blocked. All other internet application ports should be open, though so you can use Email. Since like all other web browsers (including the built in browser Blazer) uses port 80, you have to configure it for the T-Zones proxy server.

    In Xiino, go to Menu>Options>Prefs and go down to Page 3.
    Check "http" and enter the following:
    (Leave "Data server" set at

    In (built in) web browser do the same thing.
    Go to Options>Preferences>advanced and click "Set Proxy"
    Check "Custom Proxy" and enter:
    Proxy Server:

    This should work for you. If you ever use another web browser, look for the proxy settings and set it up.
    One example is if you ever download and install IBM Java for Treo (available at the Treo support site) and install a java based web browsers for example opera Mini (from The proxy setting is in Home>Prefs>IBM Java. Under 'global settings' there's a place to enter these proxy settings.
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    Taylorh Thanks so much for answering my questions.

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