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    I've been synchronizing my Treo 650 GSM (unlocked) with a Windows machine. Apart from a few minor quirks, it has been doing quite well. I am thinking of synchronizing the device with my Apple PowerBook (OS X Tiger), but recall a discussion some time back where the VoiceSignal program would cause the synchronization to fail. Does anyone know if this problem has been resolved?

    I would also appreciate knowing if VolumeCare has any issues when synchronizing with OS X. I could imagine doing without VoiceSignal, but could never survive without VolumeCare.

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    I have used Voice Signal for 10 months on my Sprint Treo 650 and have never had a sync problem to my WinXP PC. I did upgrade my Voice Signal as suggested when I did the ROM update.
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    As a Mac user never depend on an answer from a Windows user to be correct. Yes there is a problem when syncing on a Mac. There is a relatively simple solution with a caveat.

    After you have installed VoiceDial on your Treo and before you do a subsequent sync navigate to the Backups folder on the Mac. Create a new Folder in Backups and name it "VoiceDial.prc" (without the quotes of course). Since you are backing up Treo which has VoiceDial already intalled you will have to remove VoiceDial, backup the Treo for the first time (to create the Backup folder) and then procede. This trick makes the Mac think that it has already backuped VoiceDial and it won't do it again. See the Mac note on installing VoiceDial on the Voice Signal web site. The caveat is, of course, if you have to do a hard reset you will have to re-install VoiceDial manually. I keep a copy of the VoiceDial installer on a SD for just this purpose.

    There is a minor problem that I have encountered with VolumeCare on my Mac. If I have to do a hard reset and attempt to restore with a HotSync VolumeCare will go into endless soft reset loop. The work around is to to the following:

    1: Locate the Backup folder
    2: Rename the Backup folder to something like Backup_Old
    3: Install VolumeCare from scratch (it will install as a demo but that will be fixed)
    4: A new Backup folder will have been created. Locate it and drag into the trash
    5: Empty the trash
    6: Rename Backup_Old to Backup
    7: Hotsync the Treo.

    The last Hotsync will restor your other apps and the registration info for both VolumeCare and VoiceDial which will also have done a fresh install.

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