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    I go to bed at widely varying hours so setting up a regular schedule for Chatter to stop notifying of new email doesn't work so well for me. But I need the phone to stay on in case of a family emergency.

    How is everyone else dealing with similar such situations? What's the easiest or best method to take Chatter out of service overnight? If I just place all of the mailboxes in an offline status will Chatter continue to use as much battery power? Is it best just to end the application or is there another way to break the connection and then resume in the morning?

    I have been power-cycling the phone, which ends Chatter's ability to communicate, and the do a Menu-R in the morning to restart the connection but there might be an easier way.

    What do YOU do?


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    Why not just use the "Shutdown Chatter Email" menu option (under Sys) when you go to sleep? Then when you get up, just re-enter Chatter and everything will come back up.
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    why dont you just put chatter into sleep mode for the hours you want.
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    I have my sleep hours set to begin at 8:30 p.m., and I have set my mail button to "quick sync" if off-line. If I want to see if any new email messages have arrived after 8:30, I just push the mail button to check for any new mail.
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    Ahhh. A combination of those ideas could work great. Overlooked using the mail button for Quick Sync. That may neatly solve problem. Thanks for the input.

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