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    Unfortunately for me this past Friday, I had to go into the pool to save my daughter.....this of course was the right decision. The wrong part is that the situation required me to go in as is....with everyhing still on....including the Treo.

    The question to you all is there anything that can be saved? (i.e. hardware, items in memory, or even the parts recycled or re-used?

    Any useful tidbits would be appreciated.


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    Some people have had luck cleaning their drowned Treos: Search on "cleaning" and you might find more. Here's one:
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    If you managed to remove the battery right after you got out it still may be usable after it dries out.
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    Excellent decision, I hope your daughter is now fine.

    One suggestion I have read about -- is a ziplock bag with several of those silca packets that come in various electronic shipping cartons. Seal the Treo in that for a couple of days in the sun with the screen away from the sun.

    Fresh water is one thing, salt water or pool water with heavy chlorine may be another. . . .

    Good Luck.
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    Same thing with me, I jumped in to save my 3 year old son that fell in. I used a blow dryer & also silica in a tupperware container and had water under the screen. I didn't pull the batter since I didn't have the torx bit. After a few days, it would power on, but the screen was all white. I gave up and bought an unlocked 650 since I'm with T-Mobile. After about 2 weeks, I tried it again and it was fine. I suggest you give it some time and you might be okay. Now I need to find out what to do with my 600! Good luck.
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    I dropped mine in the shower. The screen went orange. Hours later I was very lucky to find it was OK.

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