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    I have been able to sync my wife's Treo 650 and my PDA (Clie) but we want to use different adress books. I use Outlook and synching works fine - in HotSync Custom... I choose "IntelliSync Address" for the Clie, but it iwll not let me change the setting when I change to her (650) User name.
    It would be acceptable to sync the 650 either to a sub-directory of Outloook's Contacts directory or just to the Palm desktop for her (650) device's name. But I can't figure out how to do it. Can anyone help?
    I looked at the Conduit Buddy utility but didnot see any way to differentiate conduits for different users. and anyway, I could not relate the "Data File Name" it reports (address.dat) or the Conduit Info it names (SgContactsCn.dll) to anthing I need to change.
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    Try switchsync from livepim:
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    You could do this with the Outlook Conduits provided by Palm. It allows you to choose the Outlook Contacts directory you want to sync with. That way both you and your wife could have different Contacts in Outlook and for that matter different Calendar set ups as well.

    Just add a new folder to Outlook and make it a Contacts folder and move your stuff there, leaving hers in the original. In the OL conduit set up screens go to Settings and change the source folder.

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