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    I have reason to believe that there is a conflict between Ringo and Keycaps that causes Handsfree Bluetooth connections to function improperly.

    In my case, I have handsfree built into my car (UConnect). It allows me to tap a button on the dash and say the name of the person I'd like to call. That then (normally) initiates the call on the Treo. Now, when I have Ringo enabled and Keycaps enabled with the "Disable in phone app" option checked, it no longer allows the Handsfree system to initiate the call. Instead I have to manually start the call from the Treo, which defeats the whole purpose.

    To work around the issue I have unchecked the "Disable in phone app" option in Keycaps. With this unchecked everything works just fine. I'm not sure if this is truly a Ringo problem or a Keycaps problem, or both. I'm using the "Doomsey" 0.9b8 version of Keycaps and Ringo v4.413.

    Anyone care to test this out as well?
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    Try the updated keycaps
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    I doubt that going to b14 will change anything.

    There really isn't much I can do to help. The only Bluetooth device I own is my Treo, and I don't use Ringo at all. Since KeyCaps is open source, the Ringo people can look for themselves to see what it's doing, and make any required changes for compatibility.

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