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    First, I did a search, but searching for palmone, Bluetooth and headset is not exactly the easiest thing to do.

    After a lengthy period with the Jabra, I narrowed to the palmone and the Sony Ericson HBH 600. So far, I love the Palmone, as it has a speedy connect time, its joint charger, supports call waiting and redial and sounds okay (when I have the top up in my car). Here are questions I cannot find the answer to in the documentation, so any help would be great:

    1. If I decide it's too windy and I want to answer with the actual handset intead of the headset, how do I do it without turning BT off? Is there a way for me to answer some calls with the headset and some with the phone.

    2. Can I use volumecare to increase the volume or is there another option.

    3. what kind of eargels am I supposed to get to make it fit more snugly in my ear.

    4. Anything else you think I need to know. Thanks.
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    I have both the Jabra BT250v and the Treo BT headsets. Here are the answers I know for a Verizon Treo.

    1. When you receive a call and the BT headset connects, the screen shows the headset connection. You can hit the screen button with the headset icon that says "Cancel." This sends the audio back to the handset.

    2. I use VolumeCare and it works for the BT headset.

    3. I don't use the gel, but others have posted about it.

    4. If the Palm Treo BT headset seems dead, plug it in to the AC adaptor and then unplug it. This seems to reset it.
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    I use Jabra eargels. They work great on my Treo 650 BTHeadset.
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    Could you post a couple of pictures of what the Treo Headset looks like with the eargels?
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    and as far as attaching them to the treo headset... is it pretty self explanatory or are there any tips you can offer? i dont have either yet, but hope to soon.

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    Volume care does not control my treo blue tooth headset.

    How does that work?
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    Volume Care isn't seemingly increasing the bluetooth headset volume either. If someone has the answer to this question, I'd appreciate it. Still pretty happy with the Treo BT Headset. Decent sound, decent batterly life, very light and pretty quick connection time.

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