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    My wife's due here pretty soon, and I'll be foregoing my laptop to the hospital in favor of my Treo this time around.

    We'll probably have about 80 or so people that we're going to send an email out with the details and maybe a picture or two (probably just a link to the picture on our website).

    So rather than manually entering each address one by one, what's the easiest way to get an email out to all?

    Create a group in Outlook and then sync it to the Treo? Set up a forwarding address on the server and just send one email to that address and let it parse it out?

    Any suggestions?
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    Apparently the Distribution List I created in Outlook didn't sync over to the Treo, so Chatter can't see it.

    Any suggestions?
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    PabloTX - someone told me on one of these threads that Palm does not allow the distribution lists to "come across" from Outlook (maybe other apps, too) - I tried and it did not work - thus, the programs that use the dist lists did not see them.

    However, I found something interesting - a list DOES show up in TakePhone if you make it I enter the list name to search - it finds the name, then I select it and it pops up Chatter with all addresses there.

    By the way, when I set up a normal distribution list in OUtlook, nothing recognized I set up an address in Contacts app on Palm which allows multiple email addresses for one contact name...reason, Takephone finds the name and opens it and there are multiple email addresses - which I could enter in Contacts app, but Outlook would not allow...(remember, this is not a normal Outlook dist list)

    1) Install Takephone if you do not have - trial version may make it just fine
    2) Set up a new Contact Like "FRIENDS" in the Contact app
    3) Add all 80 addresses in the email addresses
    4) sync
    5) Use Takephone to search for "FRIENDS" - enter to select (make sure Chatter is default email)
    6) Voila

    Try it.
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    I've tried TakePhone, and while it certainly has some useful features, and has Shimon's usual outstanding look, usefulness and stability, I really don't have a need for it.

    I ended up creating a forwarder on my hosting account so that when an email is sent to it, it forwards to all in the "distribution list". It should work for what I'm trying to do.

    But Marc did say that Distribution Lists were on his list of things to look at.
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    Yes, just thought it would help solve your problem - and a trial version might have worked as a temporary solution. I hope Marc can overcome the seeming Palm/Outlook or whatever, limitation there is...Takephone sort of did/does...thanks
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    Have your assistant do it ?
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    Turns out "all 80" may not work, anyway...I just tried with 20 addresses and it begins to truncate. Oh well, for a few/several it works fine.

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