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    First off, someone please correct me if Im wrong here, but the amber/orange indicator light means that your phone is using its data connection correct?

    If so, is there anyway to see what program is doing so? Ive experienced a lot of "straight-to-voice-mail" calls and its extremely annoying. Ive read on here in a few locations that the cause of this, more often than not, is because the phone is using its data connection (esp on Verizon phones).

    The only apps I can think of which I have on my phone, that would be actively trying to use the data connection are ChatterEmail demo- which has no accounts setup anyway and Verichat, which Ive changed the preferences to log off when Im not using it.

    So is it possible to see whats using the data conneciton when the orange light is on?

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    Actually, the orange light means the Treo 650 is searching for a signal - in other words, you've got bad reception. In such a case, you should expect calls to go to voicemail.
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    Well, Im looking at my phone right now and Ive got 3 bars and an orange light. Ive noticed this on other occasions as well, where Im not moving, I have a stong signal and an orange light. This straight to voice mail stuff is really getting quite old here and is pretty unexcusable on verizons / treos part.... I just wish I could figure out which was the culprit.

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