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    I have a Sprint 650 I got back in November. I have tried to get Sprint to replace it because the p and o key feel very spongey and I'm afraid one will fail. The phone also frequently resets itself. They wouldn't do an advanced exchange for me even though I have the insurance. I live more than a hundred miles from a Sprint Store. They want me to send it in and they will check it out and send it back. Bottom line is I was travelling and took it to a Sprint Store, where it behaved perfectly, they won't do it because they say it tests ok. The phone has a few scratches on the chrome on the face and on the battery cover. Is there a way to just pay to have it refurbished? I'd really like a more reliable phone. I don't want to have to pay for a brand new one. Is there a way to exchange it. Any ideas that don't involve fraud will be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Hi Scsanden!

    I feel your reservation about the reliability but, at this point, I see Sprint's point about replacement. Two spongy keys and potentially software created resets are a hard sell on the replacement front. You indicate that you do have the insurance, so you are covered if you have a catastrophic failure.

    Do you have a password on your Treo? Does it include the letters p and o? Or do you have those letters programmed as quick keys? If so, you may want to change the password or the quick keys to take some of the heavy usage off those keys. . . . . .

    Not knowing what the resets could be about (you may want to post about those specifically). . . . . . creating a "clean machine" is always an option, if not a drastic one:

    Hot Sync
    rename your backupfolder on the PC to backupold
    (Programs> Palm> the first part of your userid> backup. . . . to backupold)
    Hard reset
    Hot sync
    you will have your PIM data back, but no 3rd party apps.
    the resets should be gone
    now install 3rd party software fresh (not from a backup)
    If all goes well, you should now have a non re-setting Treo.

    (Most resets are due to some corrupt third party software installations.)

    Cheers, Perry.
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