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    Looing for someone in the Cleburne / Ft. Worth TX area with good knowledge on setting up the treo's for DUN. I have tried it using the pdf file setup instructions and Shadowmite's setup instructions just haven't tried the new file installation since My DUN is enabled. I can get it to say it's connected at 115.2Kbps using the UNIX protocol but Ie won't work. Using PPP It never will get past the verifications. Willing to pay or take to lunch as payment.
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    Which provider are you using? T-Mo data support walked me through this one over the phone. While they don't officially support the phone I've never had one of their reps do anything other than their very best to help me with any issue I've called about with any phone I've been using. It's the best reason I can give you for why I'll never switch from T-Mo...

    PM me if you're on T-Mo and I'll send you a step by step... If your on Cingular/AT&T, Verizon or Sprint I probably can't help but the T-Mo settings I have might help you head in the right directions.
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    I invested in PDAnet and couldn't be simplier. Just install file on your PC, Quicksync and your on. Might want to try the free trial. I know you can do it with your current setup, but might save you some time and frustration to go with PDAnet.
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    I'll agree with rkramer that PDANet does make things much simpler and that it does work. I had no success connecting via bluetooth without it until the first update for unlocked GSM Treo 650's.

    Prior to performing the update the connection was never very stable for me even with PDANet but it did work long enough to pull down email (5-10 min or so). It also worked better with the sync cable than it did with bluetooth but that is likely due to the BT adapter built into the Sager laptop I use (well, it's really a Pro-Star but same laptop).

    Post Treo update I no longer needed to use PDANet and uninstalled it.

    Anyway, the offer stands. if you still want help I'll send you what ever information I can. You might want to try downloading and trialing PDANet to see if this simplifies your problem.
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    Sorry forgot the important info. I'm with Cingular. Have the 1.15 Software so I don't think an update is needed. PDANet... Well I'd rather not spend another cent for phone service. Cingular already get's $200 a month from me as it is. Wife would love to be able to play her Java games while on road trips so connection time would only have to be about 5 - 10 minutes at a time or less.
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    1.15 is the most recent update for Cingular phones.

    If I were you I'd take your laptop and the Treo650 into a brick and mortar Cingular store and demand that they get it to work. This is reasonable as:

    1. You spend $200.00/mo for service and this is one of the services you're paying for


    2. You shouldn't have to buy PDANet to get it to work.

    Would I make you the slightest bit jealous if I told you that I pay half that for 1000 min/free nights & weekends and unlimited data (which is now EDGE in my area) on T-Mo?

    ...and that they were able to help me get BT DUN working over the phone for a phone they don't even officially support?

    Anyway, that's my .02. I did trial Cingular when the Treo650 came out but several after hours (Cingular support appears to close at 9pm local time, yes local to you, not them time) calls plus the first bill for unlimited data had me making another trip to the store within the 30 day window to return everything. I still ended up eating about $241.00 in charges... Lesson learned...

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