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    I managed to kill the screen on my Treo 650 today.

    I am on a two week business trip in San Jose, California and stayed over the weekend. On a whim I decided to hear towards Big Sur. Since I dont have my digi cam with me I used the Treo for photos. Kept the Treo out of my leather case to make picture taking easier.

    When I got out of the car to take one last pic before heading back north it happend. The treo slipped out of my hand and hit a rock. The battery and cover flew one way, the treo the other way. Picked it up - screen was toast.

    Oh well - at least it died in a beautyful place

    Now I need to figure out if Palm can ship an 'Advance Exchange' unit here to my hotel in San Jose before I leave on Friday, or if they are slower than the 2-3 business days that they claim and I am better of having it shipped back home.

    Did any of you ever use the 'Advance Exchange' shipping for a repair? How did it go?


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    Have it shipped back home. The 2-3 business days is an estimate. If it gets delivered late and someone else signs for you, you've just lost it.

    Advance Exchange is not an issue. Palm usually gives you a recondition refurb anyway.

    I would say ship it home.
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    Thats what I thought would be the best option. I guess I will have to use my phone without a screen for a week.

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    If you are in San Jose, go to the Palm stand in Valley Fair mall or the the palm store in Palo Alto. You are at the HQ of Palm. One of those places will hook you up!
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    That was my initial plan NetworkWiz. I called the Valley Fair store yesterday, but was told that they 'don't handle' that kind of thing. The guy on the phone just gave me the customer sevice number for Palm.

    I was thinking with Palm being more or less right here in town, there would be a quick and simple replacement 'deal'. The Palm repair center is probably around here somewhere.
    I figuere that a lot of people in Silicon Valley have Treos and that Palm should have easy means for these people to replace defect units.

    Now they will ship it to Atlanta, rather than handing it to me while I am in their neighborhood.

    If you kmow someone at a store who can hook me up let me know
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    Advance Exchange is not an issue. Palm usually gives you a recondition refurb anyway.
    I did advance exchange. They assured me that they do not send refurb units... still not sure if I believe them or how I could tell though.
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    Hi Mobius,

    how long did it take for you to receive tge replacement Treo?


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