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    I have a personal IMAP account for which I use personal Outlook and Versamail - works great.

    I have a work Exchange account for which I have a work computer with Outlook tied to Exchange. When not at work, I use OWA.

    I want to setup Versamail so it also does my Exchange account email - but I understand that it also hijacks the Calendar so it no longer uses the Hotsync conduit. This would be a problem since I still want my Calendar to sync with my personal (non-Exchange) Outlook at home.

    I am wondering whether there is some way around that? Is that hijacking done by the PC-side Versamail setup? If so, could I not simply uninstall the PC-side program before setting up the Treo Versamail for Exchange? I don't see what the benefit of the PC-side Versamail is for me since I use IMAP and don't care if it syncs my IMAP mail when I'm hotsyncing...

    Hopefully the above makes sense.

    Any insights or suggestions would be appreciated. I realize I could purchase that new program from Dataviz that does only Exchange mail and doesn't hijack Calendar... but I'd like to save my $50 for something else.

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    i accomplish this by using key calendar for my personal calendar via cabled sync on my personal outlook, and allow the palm calendar wirelessly sync via versamail to my exchange server.
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    Johnrmcc - thanks for your input. So I take it that you do not have the Versamail program installed on your computer, just on the Treo right?
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    johnrmcc: Doesn't versamail still sync with Palm's calendar and take up a lot of unnessary space? Is there simply a way to turn the calendar sync option off when syncing to exchange?
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    I just lost my Palm Calendar today in an attempt to setup EXCHANGE email. I subsequently deleted the Exchange email, but my calendar is still gone. I changed my Custom Sync settings to "Desktop overrides Handheld", but that didn't work, I reentered the basics of my appts to Palm Desktop and tried another sync with Desktop overrides Handheld, but that doesn't work either....Does anyone have a fix for getting the Palm Calendar back?? Pleaseeeee
    And, NO, I don't b/up my Palm.....
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    If you don't backup your palm you're all done. Setting up an EAS account does blow away the calendar, just like it says. It prevents you from using the OL conduits to get your calendar then duplicate all of your calendar entries on that wireless sync. So, the only way to get it back to to sync it to the desktop where it would be stored.....
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    Thanks for the reply. I have resolved the sync issues that resulted in "missing calendar" (by uninstalling EXCHANGE) and my priority now is to get a "back up" system/program so this NEVER happens again!
    I have been using my Palm Desktop as my "back up" and it was fine until I failed to change my Palm Desktop Sync settings to "Desktop overwrites handheld" when EXCHANGE warned me that my calendar would be hijacked!
    (I assume that would have recreated my calendar into the Treo??? )
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    Well, glad you got going again. The device really should be telling you to set the conduit a certain way when you delete the EAS account.....
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    Thanks, but that water's a little deep for me

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