Purchased in Feb of 2004, my faithful Treo has finally taken it's last stand.

About 2 weeks ago the ear speaker finally went. I know it's an easy fix, and I was prepared to order the replacement speaker. However, within the past two months I was having some software issues that I just couldn't fix.

A call waiting call would come in, and when I switched to it, the phone would lock up. Incoming calls would sometime have the same result. I figured it was some software causing a conflict, but never had the time to dedicate to it.

Today was the final stand. I was unloading my Explorer, having just moved. I set the phone down on the rear bumper so I wouldn't damage it carrying heavy boxes while in my pocket. I forgot it was sitting there, and closed the door smashing my treo between the rear tailgate and the bumper.

Screen is shot, won't respont to any keyboard or navigational button input. Flat out, it's gone.

So............. I'm replacing it with an unlocked Audiovox PPC 4100 phone off ebay for now as I refuse to resign a contract at this time. Going to save up a little bit and get one of the new HP Ipaq's that just hit.

Yes I'm going to the darkside......... I'm going Window's. I figure I'll try it out, see how I like it and make my decision from there.

That Ipaq looks pretty tempting though. BT, WiFi, Edge, Window's mobile 2k5, and a keyboard. Should be a great gadget, we'll see. The PPC 4100 is a hold me over, hopefully it will suit my needs for now. Got it super cheap on ebay, so crossing fingers.

I didn't post much here before, but did use this site as a great source of information. So a big thanks to all the posters who provided all those valuble tid bits of info!!!

Maybe I'll come back from the "darkside" one of these days, but I'm up for a change. We'll see how it pans out.