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    Hi all,

    I started with the Treo 300 and bought a 600 within a month of it's initial release 2 years ago... I'm on my second Treo 600 (not bad) and I am extremely dependent on the excellent Vision data service which I use largely for email with Snappermail.

    My problem is that the phone itself is just terrible. I'm on Sprint in the NYC area and even when I have 2-3 bars I can barely hear anyone and get near continual dropouts. The rest of my family is on verizon and they are always complaining about how difficult it is to talk to me.

    I know that there are trade-offs to convergence devices, but I am having to seriously consider adding a line and carrying an additional "real" phone.

    Has anyone else faced this? Could this just possibly be a poor phone and exchanging might work?

    I'm not willing to give up the Sprint data at present, though my 2-year contract will be up in a month.

    Any and all ideas, advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Had similar problems here but Volumecare fixed it..
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    I went from a real phone and PDA to the Treo. I would hate to go back to something like that. It might be worth the brain damage to have sprint run a diagnostic on the phone in an attempt to get it swapped out.

    I had a phone replaced at 18 months NC over the battery/dropped call issue.
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    Brain damage is a good description ... last time I swapped out it took me half a day including a delightfull 1 1/2 wait in line.

    I think I will take your advice and give it a go but this will be the last time, I really do enjoy the Treo overall, but I am not willing to spend $400 on an upgrade to the 650 when I am beginning to have serious doubts about the phone quality on the Sprint service. And I know that going back to two devices will drive me nuts.

    Odd though it may be, given that I do not tend to use most of the Treo bells and whistles, it may be time to head over to Verizon and switch to a Blackberry. I used a colleague's to make a call the other day and I was astonished (actually horrified) over how good the connection was husband (on the other end) immediately commented on it.



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