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    I have been reading about several bluetooth connectivity errors in this group, hope noone minds another one.

    I have a Treo 650 with the 1.12 updater installed. Bluetooth DUN is available as an option, but when I attempt to turn it on, I get the following error message: ERROR. Serial: (Ser 030A).

    This message has occurred recently. Previously I was able to discover the device from a PowerBook G4, pair it, and even use the Dial-Up Networking option to surf the Net from a hotel room.

    I also get the Serial Port in use error message, but when I attempt to rediscover the device from the Mac.

    From reading the other messages in this forum, I am beginning to believe the problem is either a Bluetooth driver or library file on the Treo is missing or corrupted.

    Using FileZ I notice the following files loaded:

    Bluetooth Device Cache (lock icon) 3k created 8/31/05
    Bluetooth Defs 3k 9/15/05
    Bluetooth Trusted Devices (lock icon) 3k 8/31/05
    BT Keybd Options 3k 8/31/05
    BTDeviceLibraryPalmDeviceDB 25k 9/15/05
    BTDeviceLibraryUserDeviceDB 4k 8/31/05
    BtDUNHack 4k 9/15/05
    BtExgLibDB 3k 9/15/05
    BtPrintProExgl-BtPX 12k 12/31/03

    The hack is presumably for networks and freqs and discussed elsewhere. The last file(s) is for BTPrintPro and AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $this$ $one$ $works$ $OK$.

    Can anyone verify which files are used for the Bluetooth driver on the Treo and whether deleting/renaming a file will fix the serial error?

    Appreciate any response. I'd really hate to do a hard reset or reinstall the firmware, when maybe a simpler fix is available.

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    Update: Did a backup, a hard reset, a reinstall of the 1.12 updater. DUN can be selected without any errors. Did a restore, error is back. So it's one, or more than one, of the files that were installed on the Treo. But which one??? Does the old troubleshooting trick of renaming a file using FileZ (say, put a letter z in front of the filename) disable the file? Does this trick work on the Palm OS? Or that's only good for Windows systems?
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    Bluetooth DUN problem is SOLVED. Turns out it was the software for a Bluetooth enabled keyboard for the Treo 650. Once I unchecked the option to have it Active, Presto. DUN can now be enabled. Error message 030A means what it says.

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