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    I am running LightWav Pro version 1.0.4#2005.012 and just installed it last Wednesday or Thursday. Since that time, if I receive a call and choose not to answer it, my phone rests once the 'missed call' note comes up. This is a new problem that I just began experiencing over the last few days since the upgrade. The only other application I installed after that was the GO Treo app that disables the dimmer (I forget the name). I have since deleted that app, but continue to experience this issue. If anyone else has had this problem please let me know if you were able to solve it. Thanks!
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    Join the club. Only way I solved it was to delete the program.
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    Ha! That was funny. Hopefully there is a fix because I have invested a few dollars in this software and haven't had any serious issues until now. I sent the developer an e-mail. I'll share his response here when I get it in the hopes that it may be of help to others.
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    Sorry I was not being funny. There are alot of post of the problems caused by Lightwave . It is a regulary discused issue.They keep realeasing more updates that cause new issues. Never got replys for my money back. lost it all. On more than one of there programs.
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    No joke. Lightwav has been bug infested from day one. Newer versions seem to add more and more bugs without fixing most existing ones. Good luck.
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    sad thing is I even went way back to my first 2.X version of lightwav and it still resets mine.
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    There is an upgrade to a newer version (Pro 1.1) that fixed the problem.

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