just to let you folks know (since there seems to be a lot of fastmail users here) that fastmail has recently added webdav support for the file storage portion of their customer accounts. depending on the service level that you have with fastmail, you have a certain amount of file storage space which was formerly only accesible via fastmail's web interface which was a little cumbersome.

fastmail recently introduced webdav support allowing you to map your fastmail file store as a drive letter or create "web folders" etc on your desktop and manipulate your files just as you would any other folder or drive. it's pretty slick!! I have a web folder set up in windows 2000 and managing files on fastmail is a snap now. fastmail news says ftp support is coming as well.

I've been waiting for fastmail to implement this feature partly because wifile recently upgraded their users to wifile pro which added support for both webdav and ftp in addition to smb shares (windows shared folders, etc.) I've been able to transfer files to and from my fastmail file store and the treo's sd card or my windows desktop with ease now. very handy since I keep various backup copies of important files on fastmail.

I tried different combinations of settings and couldn't get it to work at first, but I finally got it to connect. to save other folks the trouble, here are the correct settings for fastmail:

Name: FastMail File Store (this can be whatever name you want wifile to display in the main window)

Type: WebDAV

Server: dav.messagingengine.com

Path: username.domainname.com (this is the one that I couldn't figure out right away. username is your fastmail's PRIMARY username, and not any aliases that you may have created. since fastmail offers a variety of domain names, use the one specific to what you chose for your account.)

Port: 443 (this defaults depending on the next setting. it works for me.)

Mode: https: (http: mode uses Port 80 in the above setting but I haven't tried it.)

User Name: username@domainname.com. this is your FULL PRIMARY email address for fastmail

Password: your fastmail password

the above settings works like a charm for me!! hope this helps anyone else trying to get this working.