I have a unlocked Cingular Treo 650, which I've upgraded to FW1.23 & 1.06:


I've been using BT DUN successfully since late July.

I've decided NOT to upgrade to FW1.28 (or FW1.31): "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Mainly, the BT DUN capability.

Just now, I've noticed the signal-strength bars varying from 2 to 4, within my house. However, my SprintPCS Treo 650 is stable at 4-bars. I was out near CA/Nevada border out in the desert. The Cingular Treo 650 was getting 4-bars..then like NO BARS (I got the message "no service, SOS only").

Is the above just a consequence of a weak Cingular signal? Or, is the firmware/software causing this erratic signal-strength variation? In which case, I'm thinking of upgrading to FW1.31 & 1.13.

If so, do I go with Cingular's updater, or the unbranded GSM updater? I read on another thread, that someone recommended the latter.