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    Ok I hope somebody can help, I have a treo 650 (my third one) with Verizon Wireless. My problem is that I my treo green light blinks showing it has service but when I press a button to wake up the phone from keyguard it wont respond. I press and hold the off button the phone (green) button and all the other buttons. I have to remove the battery or press the reset button to have it work again. One time it did that I had a friend call my phone just to see if that would maybe turn it back on but all it did on her phone was ring and then she got my voicemail. Has anybody else had this problem or is there a fix? The last Treo I have now I got it last friday (9/9) and yesterday (9/16) it did it again. I am thinking about going in there and just getting me a new model but I already bought a lot of things for this darn thing. Please help!!!!
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    Does it work without any third party software (i.e.: after a full hard reset, make sure you backup)?

    If not exchange it or have Verizon prove that you have a working phone before you take it home.
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    The only third party app I have in there is Destaller and Documents to go. When I do go get a new one it works great its about a week after that the lock up happens to me.
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    This is a pretty common problem and my 650 does it once in awhile. I found on mine that it maybe related to if it went to sleep with the speaker switch set to 'on' and then turned to 'off' while still asleep ie when Im off to bed. Sometimes when I then go to power on the screen nothing happens. However if i slide the volume switch to the opposite setting the 650 responds. This has worked the last 3 times my 650 has done this. Possibly a fluke, Im still experimenting...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magohn
    This is a pretty common problem
    Thats what I was afraid of. I am self employed and get a lot of contract orders through the internet that is why I got me this darn thing. Since I have gotten it I have missed about 5 jobs due to the fact that I think the Treo is on but it really isnt. I guess I am going to have to switch to another brand. I really hate to do that I have cases and charges that I bought for it and now I am not going to have any use for them. If anybody out there knows of how I can fix this or maybe if PalmOne is aware of this and is it working on it please reply before I go and change this thing.
    Thanks for replying
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    Same problem here. I did a hard reset made a new user, copied my contact, calendar, etc. back into the built-in apps (including Docs2Go), and I have been problem free for a few days. I have not installed anything else into RAM. I'm going to try it this way for a while and see how it goes. I will be very slow to add apps into RAM.
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    Here the "world-wide CRICAL issue" you see is well described.

    - (if the link doesn't work look for this thread title: "GSM Freezing problems poll").

    Unfortunately it seems that Palm didn't address it, you only need to be lucky with the new Treo they'll ship to you.

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    I confirm what vittogn said. there are other threads about the issue also.

    we call it the freezing issue and we're all waiting Palm to fix it, either with an hardware revision or firmware upgrade.
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