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    Just purchased a Tungsten T5, basically for the screen, using it in landscape mode with my Bluetooth keyboard just rocks it was expensive (for me) but it almost replaces a laptop in functionality...!

    Now, given that the T5 has Bluetooth, is there a way to mount the 650 filesystem on the T5 so that I can use Documents to Go to edit files on the T5 that are located on the 650?

    This would rock, as I could take my T5 around with me and play with it editing files on my 650... the 650 is my *main* system.

    Also getting SMS and the Web to work on the T5 is a pain as the supplied profiles are for Nokia, Siemens, Philips and Ericsson phones etc but NONE for the Treos!!!!! Palm don't even support their own phones on the T5 !!!

    ANybody got any of this to work?

    thanks guys!
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    I have an 'old T3'. palmOne has, sorry, Palm has a new phonelink application which includes the treo 650 in it. You can't do sms on the T3 as the Treo is a phone I guess, and it's lots easier to deal with sms on the treo than the T3.

    As for editing the files on the T5, the best way will probably be using an SD card and doing an old fashioned 'take it out of Treo and put it in the T5' (like we used to do with floppies!)

    Unless there is some 3rd party software out there I don't think you can 'mount' a Treo to a T5 (or T3).
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    I think you can "mount" the Treo650 as a network drive using bluetooth if you have the program FilePoint. It isn't freeware, but there's a trial version so you can see if it will work for you before you buy. It basically sets up a file manager version of a shared network drive. That might work.
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    thanks snoslicer8... I tried this, but it only mounts between a PC and the Treo, I'm trying to mount drives between Garnet Devices (650 and T5), although I use Mike P's suggestion (thanks mike) it is slow and cumbersome, but the only "current" way.
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    You can get the Treo connection profile for your T5 from the Palm Website.

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