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    I've had this headset for 2 months, and this happened suddenly. This morning, it wouldn't pair. When I shut the headset off and back on, my 650 said "bluetooth pairing in progress" but never paired. I tried to locate the headset going into the Bluetooth manager, and it can no longer find it.

    When the headset is powered on, I press the button to take a call, and all I hear are beeps (like every 2-3 seconds) for about 30 seconds or so like it's trying to pair, but doesn't. I'd be saddened if this headset no longer works as it's the best I've used. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I encountered the same problem w/the Sony HBH-662 when I updated to the latest firmware update. I have a Sprint Treo 650. To this date, I have not been able to repair even after deleting the profile and starting over. Have you had any luck since?
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    Oh wow, you drummed up an old thread! Anyway, yeah, I just had to hold down the volume controls as the manual said until the pairing icon came up on the screen, and then it worked. Weird, it didn't do it earlier but one day it just worked.

    To date, I don't have this headset any longer. I upgraded to the HBH 610a. I've been happy ever since!
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    ahh... thanks!!! did the trick!

    how does the 610a compare to the 662? the quick volume boost seems like a good feature. does the DSP help?
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    Well, I got it for a couple of reasons.

    1. The gel ear hook on the 662 wears down pretty quickly, and it was looking very gangly and tore up.

    2. The 610a does appear to connect quicker, the ring is nicer, and it appears louder to me. I don't like the eargels, so I use the clip. I definitely notice a sound difference between the two.

    The only negative is that with prolonged wearing, I do start to get irritated wearing the 610a. I think it's because it is nearer to my ear than the 662. However, this is very minor and like I said, after prolonged use. Otherwise, a great headset, and I like that it's all black! I NEVER used the caller ID on the 662, so that was a worthless feature to me. For someone with a Treo, I can't imagine why you'd try to read that scrolling id vs the huge display on the Treo (just my opinion).

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