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    Since yesterday morning--up till which time Chatter had been working seamlessly with AOL for many months--it has been impossible for me to get my AOL email via Chatter. (Sending works OK.) Starting from a point of Chatter being in Offline mode, when a sync then is attempted, Chatter goes from Connect to Login to the blue envelope--sometimes showing the number of new messages still undownloaded to my Sprint Treo 600 (which appears to be working fine in all other ways), and sometimes not showing the number--and then goes Offline again having downloaded none of the new mail. If scheduled intervals are set for Chatter (say every 15 minutes, although the number doesn't seem to matter), Chatter will enter a continuous loop of this cycle. Have experimented over the past 24 hours with a variety of Chatter versions, including latest beta. Same process occurs regardless. Any thoughts/common experiences from anyone? Marc???

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    I haven't seen this or gotten other reports of it. Can you send me a log (logging instructions in the FAQ at


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