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    The 2.5 mm headphone jack on my T650 has stopped working; it will no longer pipe audio through to a 2.5-->3.5 adapter to allow me to listen to MP3's and such , and since something happened to the contacts, doesn't recognize I've plugged in a wired headset now, either...

    This is troubling, as I have no reason to purchase a seperate digital camera, MP3 player or PVP - my Treo does all these for me. The latter two, however, are rendered less than useful if I cannot utilize the headphone jack.

    So, T|C' there a way to either 1) repair the existing jack or 2) solder or hack a new one to fit in the spot there? Maybe even a 3.5

    Input is appreciated.

    - The Caramel Sensation formerly racarusotheoreo (I'm trying to standarize my forum logins Internet-wide )
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