Good morning Marc,

Just a couple of small things that may have been overlooked.

I'm running a 650, GSM US, Cingular. The Chatter version installed is 1.1rc4.

1) When composing a new message, the first letter of the first word of a paragraph automatically capitalizes, as it should. However, when composing a Reply or a Forward, the first letter of any new paragraph does NOT capitalize. The first letter of subsequent sentences work normally.

2) In the mailbox view (not summary), the shortcut+D function does not gray out the message and the message does not move to Trash. Using the navigation buttons to move to the left of the message, open the pop up menu, and select Delete or reopen the message and use the red X button or shortcut+D will gray out the message and mark it for movement to the Trash folder.

Profiles is also installed on my Treo. It allows multiple profile configurations for tones, LED, and vibe notifications, as well as several other things. Mine is configured to act normally during the daytime but to supress tones, vibe, and LED on everything except the phone, whenever the Treo is plugged into the charger (figuring that I would be charging it at night while sleeping).

Profiles successfully supresses Chatter's tones and LED but not the vibe mode. In a wonderfully perfect world, it would be great if Chatter would/could cooperate enough with Profiles to allow supression of the vibe mode, too.

You were thoughtful to put a schedule function in Chatter but I don't always go to bed at the same time. Probably many people are in the same boat. It would seem a little more user-friendly to allow Profiles to control notifcation.

You're doing a great job! Thanks.