Let me start by saying I do NOT believe this is a chattermail problem. Just that is where I noticed the issues. I also posted this in the Chattermail forums, but feel like this may be more of a general Treo question.

Only the vibrate setting is working for new mail notifications. Popups do not work (just activate the screen, no popup), chime does not work & the rapid led flashing does not work.

CORRECTION: The chime DOES seem to be working.

All of the above DID work as of a day or so ago. Since that time I have installed & removed PalmInternals. I also have Butler, pssh, Verichat & FileZ installed, but these were all installed when things were working fine as well. I have since removed Butler just to get that out of the way.

I have tried deleting Chatter & reinstalling. Didn't help. Soft reset. Didn't help. Any tips or do I need to hard reset & start from scratch?