I was one of the very first people if not the first person to order a LG 325 earlier this year. I was tipped off from the forums at sprintusers.com. I placed my order 2:30am. once I succesfully placed my order.. I let everyone else on the forum know it was avaible to order.

I've been waiting for BT for sprint for years like everyone else. I never had a problem with BT my LG. It worked great!

I've gone through??? 6 BT headsets and no one of them perform well when used with my Treo!

SQ is so far pretty good but the thing is driving me crazy is when I end a call with the mutlifunction button. My treo will soft reset 75%!!!

does anyone know why it does this?

Help... should I backup evrything hard reset and start from scratch? I have sunday off with nothing to do...

I have little on the main memory as possible.

Teal Mover
Password Wallet
Voice Dialer

Do any of these apps.. have known problems with BT headset?