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    After experiencing the lousy support from the snapper mail group, I decided to try Chatter.
    I DL'd it a couple of nights ago, and so far I like it.
    The only problems I see so far is the hard buttons.
    I have button 3 set for 'quicksync all', and button 2 set for 'next mailbox'.
    Button 3 only syncs the open mailbox, and button 2 does nothing. I have tried the 'next mailbox' setting on the other buttons, and they will not do anything either.
    I only have POP accounts set up (5).

    On a side note.....
    I love the LED notification! That is one of the best features over snapper IMO.
    I would imagine a lot of us have to use our carriers SMTP server due to relaying rules. It would be nice to be able to enter and use 1 default SMTP server if we wanted to, instead of having to enter the same info for each account.

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    Ok, to make "Next Mailbox" work, you have to check the "Cycle" box for the Mailboxes that you want to cycle through (it's in the "Other" page of "Edit Mailbox"). I know it's a bit confusing!

    And you don't have to enter SMTP information for each account. When you compose a message, you get a popup with all the available SMTP Profiles. If you have one, it's always the default...


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