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    Hi gang,

    I have Sprint PCS and I asked them to BLOCK MY CALLER ID on all of my outgoing calls, so I show up as "Anonymous" when i call other people.

    However, there seems to be no way on the Treo 650 to specify which few people you DO want to see your caller ID when you're making outgoing calls to them, without manually typing in *82 and then manually typing in their entire 10 digit phone number... every single time you want to make a call.

    Does anybody have any solutions for this?

    These are some of the many problems I've experienced so far, trying to figure this out on my own:

    1) If I add the prefix *82, into the phone number field of the contact record, it doesn't recognize the phone number beyond the comma.
    2) Even if I could figure out how to add *82 into the contact record, then it wouldn't recognize the person when THEY called ME.
    3) There's no way to add prefixes to people in the speed dial buttons.
    4) I do not want to manually type in *82, and then a 10-digit phone number every time I want to make a call to someone in my speed dial list.

    So frustrating!

    Any ideas?

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    Quick answers:

    1). Just add *82 minus the comma to the beginning of phone numbers to unblock for specific people.

    2). Re: quick dial numbers. Do #1 above, delete the quick dial number, and then redo the quick dial. It will pick up the *82.


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    Try *68 in front of the phone number whether in the speed dial or in the contact's address book entry. It works for me going out and the correct caller id shows up when they call in. I also have a Sprint PCS Treo.
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    Thank you RocketDude & scaphil! I really appreciate it! :-)
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    This should be a sticky since I and others asked about this way back and got no answer. *68 seems to be the fix! This means Voice Dial also works properly with that code which is one reason I hadn't bought it yet. Before, with *82, it wouldn't recognize the number in contacts, but with *68 it does! Excellent!
    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
    Sprint Treo 650 CDMA

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