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    I am a Road Warrior and looking for hardware/software to scan business cards in my Treo 650. Is there such an animal?
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    Well, there isn't really a scanner build into the Treo. There is, however, a printer.

    Seriously though, do you mean taking a picture with the built-in camera and then converting the picture into text (OCR or optical character recognition)? I'd be skeptical, only because the treo's camera macro capabilities are a bit weak, so text may be blurry, or at too low a resolution to be "readable" by the OCR application (assumit it exists).
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    I'm assuming he would accept external hardware that could TRANSFER to the Treo...

    If so...Yes, such products exist. Here's one. I know there are others...for example, kensington makes one.

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    Just bought one for myself . . .

    Choose budget shipping and it's free UPS ground.

    I've owned their CardScan 300 for years and it's 3 times bigger than the new personal unit.

    New one has all the updated software to work directly with Treo 650, Outlook Palm Desktop and others or it's own database.

    Great thing about the old one and probably the new one too is that you can take a business card and hand write a note on the front or back such as an email address or category and the scanner will scan it into a notes area.
    You can draw a map on back of card and it will scan that too.

    Thanks for asking the question here because I wouldn't have known that they had a new smaller version. I paid $249 6 or 7 years ago for the their old Cardscan 300.

    As to using it on the road if they don't make a car lighter adapter you could always use a converter that plugs into lighter that changes 12v to AC. I bought one in Walmart (in auto section) for around $50 a few years ago.
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    That little card scanner looks cool- may need to pick one up for 1 bill.
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    Thanks everyone for all their replies. Was looking for something that would have be exported in the Treo via PC. Somthing that would communicate directly with the Treo by bluetooth, infrared. These are still some very viable solutions just have to see how it would be fit into my work flow. Thanks again for all your input.
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    Another cool thing is if someone you meet has a PDA with an IR port you can beam eachother your contact info. Nothing like a roomfull of geeks aligning their devices and beaming stuff to eachother.
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    Be careful when you attempt that as it's been reported that the Treo's powerful infrared beam can bounce off their pocket protector and back onto your pocket protector and cause both of you momentary blindness
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    windows mobile 5.0 already have software can scan name_card ..
    but no PALM OS version ..
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    I just take a picture of it with my camera. Seems to work pretty well.
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    this would be an awesome app. any developers out there interested? I'm sure that we can raise some funds.

    I know there is a phone that can do this already?
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    Just wondering, after looking at the prices of one of them, but can't you just type it in? I guess if you get A LOT of biz cards, it'd be benificial.
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    anyone else other than me are using a magnified glass between the camera lense for closeup pics? I use a magnifier cut from a BUFFALO brand ruler & protractor which I brought from Walmart for only 99 cent each. Works GREAT
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    Have you had a look at scanR.

    You take a picture email it to them and they email it back to you as PDF. And you can "copy and Paste" the text off it like a normal pdf.

    Heres a thread about havnt tried it myself though.
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    Actually, scanR is heading to public release on their business card scanning product. You'll be able to take a picture of a business card, send to to scanR via MMS/PictureMail, and you'll get a .vcf file returned to your email inbox!

    However, neither the 650 nor the 700 have cameras good enough to produce reliable business card results

    We are trying to convince Palm that a better camera would be of use to everyone!


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