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    Anyone had any experience with this seller? Looks like there have been some feedback problems, but that's a pretty good price - tempting.
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    That seller looks pretty sketchy to me. I have no personal experience with him/her, but the feedback is alarming.

    I would spend another $35 at a trusted store (like those here: ) and not risk it.
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    That is pretty sketchy feedback and he doesn't take paypal.
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    they're $129 at Frys, and I got one for about that same price at All good..
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    Even Amazon has it for under 150 - with free shipping and no tax. I would look at the extra few bucks as money well spent. I bought from amazon and had it two days later, even with the free shipping option which is usually a lot slower to leave their hands.
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    Yeah, don't even waste your time with that user. He has WAY TOO MUCH Negativer feedback for me.
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    Chris Luce
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    Way too much negitive feedback from that seller i wouldnt buy from him
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    It looks like this is where he's getting his stuff.
    The supplier is in China...but he's in the U.S. Apparently he's not in direct control of his product and is trying to turn a quick profit by dealing with a Chinese supplier. If you get screwed out of your money with this guy, good luck in getting it back from him or his supplier. I'd stay away if I were you.
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    sounds interesting. if u wanna know about global stuff goto
    i MIGHT be getting 3 treos 650s for 300 bucks..US money.

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