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    Any ideas please - looking for fastest 2gb card. Thanks!
    Cingular 680
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    Bought a Pretec 133x 2GB card today at Fry's - $129. Seems pretty fast. I had a few issues copying data from my 1gb corsair card, but I think that was my error.

    2GB SD 133X PRETEC

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    2GB SD 133X PRETEC
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    Getting an ADATA 150x 2GB.
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    do u mean ridata?
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    Maybe you all should search first... the adata 150x is nothing but problems... Most high speed cards are nothing but problems. The treo's sd slot just is pretty poorly designed...
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    kingston ultimate 2G, used for a month not a sigle problem.
    speed very fast, got vfs mark over 750, writing speed 450+
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    No, the Adata one has a trick to fix. You have to format in dos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cng
    No, the Adata one has a trick to fix. You have to format in dos.
    Tried the formatting in dos trick with joy. Perhaps I just got a bad one. I'm going to send it back to Adata and hope they get me something better.
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    It seems that the only 2GB card people have been able to use reliably is the plain old Sandisk 2GB. The blue one, not the high speed one.
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    My A-data 2GB card is working great!

    YOu must make sure to format it in DOS!

    Do a search for the procedure posted here at TC!

    I have lots of Tom Tom maps and podcasts loaded, and I use/access that data daily, without any problems/corruptions.
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    I have the AData card, and once I got it formatted, I have had no problems since.
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    You know, formatting ANY card in DOS is probably a good idea. Even my "regular" lexar card tested about 20% faster with VFSMark when formatted with FAT16 in DOS than when formatted by the treo itself...

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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