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    Hi All,

    I am REALLY frustrated at the lack of Cradle choices available for the 650.

    All the ones on the market seems to have bits and pieces of what would be great.

    Here is my list:
    1. Small, compact and light.
    2. Passthrough for handsfree cable. Note, NOT just audio, but actual full handsfree. Speakerphone is NOT an option when sitting in a office with many people around!
    3. USB chargeing.
    4. Can place 650 in case in cradle. No way this will work with all cases.

    Seidio is CLOSE, but, they miss the passthrough.

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    i'm not aware of one, but I use the bluetooth headset while mine is in the seidio and it works great.
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    I spend HOURS on the phone a day. The BT headset just is not practical for this. The battery life on a BT headset is WAY to short.

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    You need to find the right headset. It is almost impossible to get a cradle that can let you access the headphone jack. What is the Treo going to sit on? Just the connector?
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    I think he means a port, like the 'audio port', on the actual cradle that allows you to plug in a wired headset.

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