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    I'm a big reader. Never too this whole ebook thing seriously--I like turning pages. But when I sawa few days ago how many ebooks I could fit in the space of just ONE song, I decided to give eReader a shot.

    It's great. I'm a big guy and now I can ride around on public transportation and read books without elbowing the little lady next to me every 2 minutes!

    Plus, I can have 10, no 20, no 30 books at my fingertips at one time!

    BUT--I keep losing my preferences everytime the phone rings. It seems that the phone ringing is the only time it happens but after I take the call and re-open eReader, I'm reset to the default prefs.

    Anyone else experience this?
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    No - looks like you've got some sleuthing to do...but until you figure out what other app might be behind this, make a copy of your Saved_Preferences file and keep it on your card; the next time this happens, just copy it back to RAM and you'll be good to go.
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    Thanks, Bill.

    Probably as fast for me to re-select--it's only adding scroll to the toolbar so that I don't have to select it each time. I thought I wouldn't like scroll either, but it's really what makes ebooks work for me--not having to hit the down key 200 times per short story!
  4.    #4 seems to have fixed itself. Which is to say that I kept mucking about until I did SOMETHING right.

    Story of my life.

    Don't think that's going to happen with Doc to go on my SD card, though...I'll ask for help later.

    Thanks Bill

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