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    I tried installing tom tom 5 and the sync froze during syncing, now I can not sync and when I try resetting the treo I get a message "startup application could not run for this card". When I sync it will not recognize the server.

    I could use any help i can get at this point
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    Are you attempting to install it to an SD card or directly to the system memory? You can avoid errors by installing the application and the maps all to the SD card. Also, please make sure you have atleast 5MB of memory available after an install of the maps and application.
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    I have installed everything to the sd card and still will not sync. It also turns the phone on automatically. At first I thought it was just me until I read previous threads and see that it is a common problem. You (Tom Tom) should have had a fix by now or either recall or not sell the product until you do. I have wasted a whole day of my time on some common bug that you do not seem to have a fix for!
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    We spoke with you on the phone today and emailed you step by step instructions to get you up and running.

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