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    Sorry if this has been discussed.. I didn't have time to search and I need to get an answer ASAP.

    I've seen a handful of Treo 650's out of the box asking for the lock code (not MSL). This is even before the phone has been initially programmed which doesn't make any sense to me or my staff. Most of the time we can just hit cancel and it will bring us back to the phone screen.. however, it still pops up at random times.

    On top of that, we were able to program the phone by hitting cancel, but the phone won't allow us to make phone calls on it without entering the lock code. I've tried the last 4 of the number but that always says it's incorrect.

    Any help?? Known issues?? How do I resolve this.


    PS - It's a Sprint 650..
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    Haven't seen this one before. You think you will get an answer faster than searching? The answer may be already there waiting for you.

    At an rate, you might have to call Sprint, unfortunately.

    Good luck!

    edit: One more thing: You are more likely to get faster answers if you put the question in the thread title.
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    Thanks.. I resolved it.. Seems a Master reset fixed it.. Wierd..

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