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    I'm new to Treo, Palm, Profiles, Butler, and Chatter and am getting confused trying to straighten out a notifications conflict. With so many readers using these three popular applications and the impressive knowledge everyone has, I'm hoping someone will be able to help me resolve this.

    My Treo is a 650 GSM US Cingular. Butler is configured to keep the flashing LED off until a text message, phone call, voice mail, or SMS message arrived. Then it would start the LED flashing fast green, vibe once, and play a tone. It's also configured for a nag profile beginning 3 minutes later. Profiles is configured to allow all of this during the daytime but to suppress everything but the phone when the 650 is plugged into power at night. It's working great like this and I would like to add the same parameters to Chatter when it receives new mail.

    Profiles, Butler, and Chatter are all fighting for control of the LED, tones, and vibe. Does anyone know, through experimentation, 1) how to set up Chatter so that it releases all control to Profiles and Butler and 2) how to set those up so that they detect new mail in Chatter and play the tones, etc?

    Thanks for any guidance you have.
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    If you install the latest version of Chatter there is an option in Preferences|System for "Default ot Butled LED". Then simply configure the LED and tones options as you please in Chatter and it should play nicely with Butler.

    I've never used Profiles (or ProfileCare - is that what you mean) so I can't help much there.


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