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    Although, I'm fairly techno savvy, I'm a newbie to Treo, Palm, and Chatter and experiencing some trouble setting it up correctly. Considering Chatter's vast approval rating, the problem must be user error. Could someone please walk me through this?

    I have a GSM US Cingular Treo 650 and installed the latest beta release of Chatter 1.1rc4. My email is through a generic IMAP server through the hosting company that hosts my website. Outlook, when configured as an IMAP client, will see all of the folders. So does the webmail client.

    Unfortunately, I have only been able to get Chatter to see the Inbox. It did not automatically detect the other folders and I couldn't figure out how to manually set them up. How do I set it up to automatically detect and use the complete folder list?

    The second question concerns automatically checking the mailbox. I work in a building that makes gprs connections sporadic, at best. What is the best configuration to have Chatter try to attach to the mailbox a couple of times but stop when it can't establish a connection? I don't want that battery to run down from Chatter vainly attempting a connection.

    Thanks for any advice you can give.
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    DiverGuy - You need to use "New Mailbox" to create a mailbox in Chatter that mirrors a folder on the server; this is NOT done automatically for a number of reasons (mainly, very few people want more than a couple of folders actually on the Treo).

    To control how many times, Chatter will try to connect to GPRS, there's a setting in the Connections screen of Preferences.

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    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for the quick response. You've written a heck of a program here and it looks it holds the potential to definitely meet my needs and those of my colleague.

    Guess I got confused about the auto loading of the folder list from the user's manual. It says, "...when first setting up an account; loading of the Folder list is done automatically."

    In the mailbox setup screen for Inbox, I just put Inbox in the Complete Server Folder Name field and Chatter finds it with no problem. Following that pattern, I set up new mailboxes with the same names as are visible in Outlook (Sent, Trash, Drafts, etc) but Chatter can't seem to find those folders or the messages in them.

    Next to the Complete Server Folder Name is an arrow for the Folder Browser drop down list (in all but the Inbox). When I click on that arrow, the Folder Browser lists
    /diverguy#(domain name).com
    /diverguy@(domain name).com

    Should the pattern in Complete Server Folder Name start with one of those, ie: /diverguy/Sent or something similar, rather than just Sent?

    Could the Root folder have any bearing on this?

    Under the Preferences, Connections, a check mark is in Disable While Roaming (smart idea, there) and I lowered the Max Network Failures to 2. After the second failure, what happens then? It stops trying, of course, but will it automatically start trying again when a gprs signal is reaquired or do I need to manually restart it?
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    You use the right and left rocker keys to expand/collapse folder names in the Folder Browser. You should NEVER have to enter folder names manually; if you do, it's likely they won't be found (because they're probably not name the server uses for them internally). You would normally not have anything in the Root field, unless you're using your own Linux server.

    If Chatter stops trying to connect, you have to reconnect manually with "Reset Connections".

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    Okay, we're starting to narrow things down a little. Your help is very much appreciated.

    On mine, the left and right rocker keys do nothing in the Folder Browser except toggle between the list, the Ok button, and the Cancel button. From what you're describing above, it sounds like that maybe isn't working right.

    What do you recommend for the folder name field, then? I tried Sent, /Sent, Sent/, and /Sent/. All failed. According to my domain hosting company, the path is /home/diverguy/mail/Sent/ but that didn't work either.

    This is about the only left to fix but it's huge. It's frustrating.
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    You shouldn't try ANYTHING in the folder name field; you've got to get the Folder Browser working properly. When the highlighted line has a box with lines in it on the left side (i.e. it's a folder with subfolders), use the right rocker to expand it. You are getting the Folder Browser, right?

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    Apparently not, based on your description. In the Inbox setup screen, (the Inbox is the only one working) Inbox is on the Folder Name line but there is no drop down arrow to the left or a box with lines in it. On other mailboxes that were established today, to the left of the Folder Name line there is no box with lines but there is a black arrow, indicating a drop down list. When you click on it, no drop down list appears but the screen changes to a full screen Folder Browser. It only shows three items:
    /diverguy#(domain name).com
    /diverguy@(domain name).com

    If that doesn't sound right, I'm going to delete and reinstall the application to see if that restores the box with lines.
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    You're not looking in the right place. I'm referring to the "Folder Browser", which isn't where you're at. Right?

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    If you tap the arrow next to "Complete Server Folder Name", you should see the "Folder Browser". BTW, if you added new folders since first using the Account, you'll need to tap "Reload Folder List" in the "Define" screen of "Edit Mailbox" to cause the list to reload.

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    I could have sworn I posted this earlier this morning, maybe I deleted rather than edited...

    Anyways, look at my post below to see if this is what you are doing: The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Ahhh! Reloading the Folder List again did the trick. That allowed me to find and select the whole folder list, rather than just a couple of them, as before. Thanks for your help guys. Seems pretty spiffy, so far.
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    Sorry it was so much trouble to get going; let me know if there's anything else we can help with...

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    Thanks Marc. Been playing with it all evening. Liking most everything I'm seeing so far.

    There is one tiny little thing... :-) ...but it's a completely different topic so I'll start a separate thread. Thanks again for all your help.


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