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    Has used Backup Bitster to backup there visor?? Was just surfing the net and came across it at and was wondering if anyone has used it, and how well it works.
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    No one seems to have used the program so I decided to try it.

    It is not a conduit just a small 7K program. It seems to work ok. After installing, run the program and select from the list of files on the Visor (Palm) that you want backedup. Then hotsync. I selected everything then did the hotsync and then cleared the Visor out. I then did a new hotsync and everything was restored. Does what I want.

    Only thing, when you add programs, remember to run the program again and make sure everythingis selected that you want backed up.
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    But does it back up everything you've checked every time you sync?

    BackupBuddy, for example, can be set for incremental backup so only what's new gets backed up. And with BackupBuddy new stuff is automatically backed up - nothing to remember.

    Still, for a free solution, maybe BackupBitster is a good tool.
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    Only played with it for a couple of days. But after the first backup, which took longer do to backing everything up, the next time, the hotsync was back to the normal speed. Backup Bitster seems to only backup changed items from then on. But you do have to tell it to backup new items (Programs) that are added to the Visor (Palm). Has not been a problem for me. Since I am not adding progrmas on a daily basis.
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    Try my program SafeSync( ). Same as Backup Bitster except it automatically selects every file to be backed up right before each HotSync.

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