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    Not the usual.....

    Just noticed (don't really know why) that after a soft reset, or after a battery out reset, my Sprint 1.12 never used to NOT have the radio on....Only app I have that could even come close is Butler, and I am unaware of any setting there that will do this.

    I was going to hard reset, due to alot of junk left over from other installs, but noticed the radio off after all the resets (while installing all the sw I wanted)...when i synched with the older full of junk profile, we're back to the magical radio on after reset...

    BTW, it will even turn back on if I have turned off the radio, however, I do notice that I get the "Enable network time" question on the old profile, but not on the new one.

    No treoguard, no other apps that could have ever done this (never looked for an app like that, as i didn't need I never got alot of resets)....

    So, am i the only one with this undocumented feature?
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    Take a look at your programs. TreoHelper can turn your radio on... you might have forgotten about it. Also Chatter and Verichat with various preference settings will turn the radio on automatically.
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    No, I have not forgotten about any application that I have. I can assure you I have no verichat, chatter, or treohelper.

    Here is the list of can this be happening??
    Bob's Alarm
    Card Export
    Java and KMaps
    Key caps

    Am very stable, but wanted to do hard reset and then reinstall (on purpsoe) when this issue seemed to come to the forefront.

    Anyone have any idea what app could be causing this (or if that is the case)

    Sprint 1.03, upgraded to peaches custom rom 1.12 (just didn't have real, our, and added notepad and voicememo...nothing spectacular on the rom)....

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    I've seen some phones turn the radio on automagically without help from any external apps. I don't know why, but maybe it depens on the type of reset that is done. There are a few undocumented types of soft resets:
    -The random reset for no apparent reason
    -The preference obliterating reset
    -The endless loop reset
    -The standard hardware or software induced reset
    So maybe different types of resets will make it act differently?

    Anyway, get phoneon from here:
    it is super simple and does the job with no apparent footprint.

    I used to use a similar program called radio control but it caused conflicts with LJP for some reason.
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    FOUND IT!!!!!!

    Seems mp3Ringer must have something in thier code that starts the radio. After trying some new synchs (with older profiles including the least amount of apps) I then started removing until I found it.

    mp3ringer from toysoft....only problem I have with it is it does NOT play nice with Java myself RLock, and locked the mp3ringer memory, and it works sweet...

    Anyone else have mp3ringer, and can verify?

    Tried on a Sprint 1.12, with mp3ringer 1.6
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    try ProfileCare
    Visor -> Treo 650 Cingular UNLocked (Cing. Blue Phone on Orange Network) -> vzw 700p -> VZW Centro (much better)

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