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    My HS850 is in need of repair( i lost the loop that hooks to ears) and while waiting for motorola to replace it, I purchased a hs805 as a back up. I have been happy with the 850 despite some problems with calls not being automatically sent to headset, but i was suprised to find that the connectivity of the hs805 is far supperior( i really do not know why, but i expected the same performance as the 850).

    On the hs805 calls are automatically transferred to the hedset even without pressing the multifunction button ( which needs pressing on the 850) there is no delay in tranfer when a call is made or recieved. The sound quality appears to be similar to the 850( which has always been good for me)

    anyone like/dislike the 805?
    It takes aaa batteries, and the battery life seems quite good in the first week of trials
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    WHen the battery gets low the HS805 has a tendency to turn itself off. In addition, it's a pain to replace the battery - the fit is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo tight. Ben

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