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    Are there any advantages of using Chatter over Versamail?
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    Chatter is better for IMAP.

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    Customer Service with Chatter is second to none.
    Customer Service with Versafail... The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Chatter is just a better product for email. Versamail, however is cosmetically more pleasing and has calendar integration. But push email is where its at (Chatter).
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    Chatter actually works. The price is going up very soon so I suggest you pick up Chatter now.
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    Go here for more info:

    Simply put - Chatter is the best e-mail program available on any mobile platform. The support is also the best. Chatter's the only reason I still use the Treo.
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    I've been using versamail on my Kyocera 7135 for more than a year. Though it usually works ok, it can be flakey, and your device pretty much stops cold when it is retreiving or sending mail.

    When I describe ChatterMail on my Treo650 to others, I use a term that I almost never say regarding software, and keep in mind that I review software professionally for PC Magazine and CPU Magazine.

    That word is "magic."

    Chattermail is simply magic.

    If you have an email server that uses IMAP, Chatter makes your treo act like a blackberry. When you're roaming around, your mail MAGICALLY appears in your treo. You can browse it, respond to it, save it, whatever. Or you can just ignore it in your Chattermail Inbox. Then when you use your PC and retrieve your mail (I use Opera's M2 and POP3 for this, but you can use whatever) your Chattermail Inbox magically clears out without your needed to do anything.

    Once you see Chattermail work with IMAP, you will move heaven and earth to get an IMAP mail server for your own use.

    And on top of that, your device is still usable when Chatter goes online to send, receive, sync, or whatever. You're not just stuck watching a progress bar.

    I myself am on Day 10 of my trial, but I suspect I'm just going to register it right now.

    Have I gushed enough about this product yet? ;-)

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    At this point all I can say is that ChatterEmail has no competition anymore. Before 1.1 I used to say it depends, but now I don't see any other email applications that can compete with it.

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    Please what is IMAP in lay mans term if you don't mind?
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    IMAP allows for multiple devices to be synchronized to your email server 'simultaneously'. For example, your desktop, laptop and Treo will reflect what your server is showing at any given time. If you make a change on your Treo it will automatically be reflected in all of the other devices (including server) when synched. So you only need to delete(purge) a file once for all of your devices to reflect that deletion. For me this is by far the bigest advantage over other email apps for the Treo. Push is nice but life is too short for me to let email run my life

    Hope that helps.

    ~~~ gottago ~~~

    PS - Based on my recent expereince, whether my issue was resolved or not, the support for Chatter is by far the best I have incurred. Matc and company are extremely responsive and attentive to their customer's needs.
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    I think snappermail does a great job with IMAP email and it also handles my other pop server accounts too. I have not used chatter, so I cannot comment on it, but I have to say that snappermail works flawlessly on my 600
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    Chatter and you wont be dissapointed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevie_g
    Chatter and you wont be dissapointed.
    will try
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    The price of Chatter goes up from $32 to $39 tomorrow Monday.
    If you plan to use IMAP (highly recommended) then buy it now and you won't regret it.
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    aw, lame.. looks like they got ansy and bumped it up today instead... ive been planning on grabbing this ever since my demo ran out.... dammit. thats what i get for procrastinating.
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    Well, the price was scheduled to go up on the 15th, so actually it was already delayed a bit from the original announcement. And I have lots of users on the east coast and in Europe, so it wasn't so much antsy and something that needed to get taken care of today.

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    We only have the Treo600 so I have no idea about Versamail on the 650.

    Long before chattermail there was IMChatter, the messenger program that did imap email on the side.

    We have forty+ 600ís and we wanted the imap but not the messenger part, we approached Marc from imchatter and asked him if we could buy a corporate license with the messenger part disabled.

    Not only did he say yes, it was done in no time flat and has been going strong ever since. We are down to about ten people still using it for battery usage issues.

    The battery issue was compounded by chatter not caused by it.

    I am about to go the 650 (or SE p910i) and I am testing chatteremail for my private use, will defiantly be purchasing it if I go Treo

    I can only say great things about Marc and his product, he put up with all my dumb questions and was a great help.

    Itís been a while, is the messenger side still going?
    Welcome to Palmone, tomorrows bugs today!!!
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    the_wal - I haven't given out new IM accounts in well over a year, and new ChatterEmail versions stopped supporting IM a few revs ago. But there are still legacy users who are running with IMChatter, some for 2 1/2 years now! Great to hear from you!


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