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    There are a few problems with selecting text within the message view (Chattermail 1.1rc2):

    1) "Select All"
    While reading a message, I've tried using the Select All command (in the Edit menu) to select all the text within the message. It doesn't do anything.

    2) "Clicking and Dragging to select text - Autoscroll?"
    You can manually click and drag to select text within a message. If you click and drag off the bottom of the screen, the message scrolls down to allow the user to keep on selecting text until the end of the message. However, a user cannot click and drag to select text upwards - the screen will not scroll upwards - only downwards.

    "3) Cannot click and drag from an empty line"
    I've tried clicking and dragging to select text by starting the stylus on an empty line within a message, and dragging downwards to select the paragraph immediately following the blank line. However, this does not work - no text will be selected. You literally have to start the stylus at the beginning of the paragraph (where the text is) to select anything. This makes it difficult to get the first letter or two of the paragraph.

    Anyone else noticed these problems?
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    I'm not having any of these problems...

    (I am not using a beta though, if that's a concern.) The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Yes, I noticed the problem in the Beta version (Chattermail 1.1rc2). It worked fine in the last release version, from what I remember. Now it's broken in the beta...?
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    So the release has been out a few weeks (thanks Marc!), but the problem is still there. How do you "select-all" text in a received email message? The "Select-All" command doesn't work for me, nor does clicking, dragging, and scrolling to select all text (the message doesn't scroll).
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    I'm not sure; I have a question in to Palm about it.

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    Thanks for looking into it Marc. I normally use the feature every day...! Yikes. :-)

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