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    I like the idea of a skin case with its combination of protection and "grippiness" without the bulk. In reading the review for the Smartphone Experts S650 Skin Case, I took a look at the photos of the case. Is it just me, or do the various port cutouts look like they were done by a guy with a pair of scissors?? The cutouts seem very jagged and uneven.

    Anybody have this skin to report on the fit and finish?? Thanks.
    - Sean
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    I use this exact Skin Case.
    The fit is right on the money, with no loose areas, or misaligned cutouts.
    As far as the cutouts, they seem clean enough to me. The uneveness seems much more magnified on those pictures. I can't tell if they are handcut, or if they are molded into the part itself.
    Overall, I can't complain about this case. Except for one thing - you can't pull the phone out of your pocket as easily or as fast. This can be a good thing though, especially if your phone tends to slip out a lot, or if you ride a lot of roller coasters

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